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Target Legacy Support

Release Early, Release Often is the mantra of many free software projects and RTEMS is no exception. RTEMS is an active open source project and can move quickly. This is great for those desiring new features, hardware support, and tool updates, but is not what you want to be tracking for a fielded application. As part of fielding your application, you selected a version of RTEMS and you will very likely stick with it as long as possible. This need for stability and release longevity is what drove OAR to offer the Target Legacy Support service.

In contrast to Standard Support which is restricted to the current release series of RTEMS, Target Legacy Support allows you to get support for the older RTEMS version used in your fielded application and have OAR test new releases of that legacy version on your target hardware. This level of support is beyond Legacy Support where testing is strictly focused on a few popular platforms.

Due to the customer specific nature of this service, please contact us for a custom quote.