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Kick Start

The Kick Start is a one-day session focused on installation of the development environment on GNU/Linux and/or MS-Windows with the goal of executing RTEMS on simulators.

The RTEMS Kick Start is a hands on seminar focused on taking you from having nothing to having an installed RTEMS development environment and using those tools to build RTEMS and execute RTEMS applications. The day will start with installing the RTEMS cross-compilation toolset on your computer running a supported operating system. We will install toolsets for both a released RTEMS version as well as the RTEMS Development Version.

After installation of the development environments, we will configure, build, and install both a released and developmental version of RTEMS for multiple BSPs on multiple architectures. The choice of BSP will depend upon attendees interests but usually includes a combination of x86, SPARC, PowerPC, ARM, and MIPS. Every session will include the use of at least one CPU simulator with Gaisler Research’s TSIM for ERC32, LEON2 or LEON3 being an option.

Next, we will build multiple user applications using the previously built and installed RTEMS tools. These user applications will be chosen from the RTEMS samples or class examples. Those applications will be used for an overview of the features in the GNU Debugger. Depending upon attendee interest and time, the seminar sometimes includes the installation and configuration of a TFTP server which some boards use to fetch application images from.

The PDF file below contains additional information about the Kick Start class.

If you have further questions, please contact us to inquire about your RTEMS Training needs.

PDF Documents: