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RTEMS Enhancements

As the original designers and current maintainers of RTEMS, OAR personnel are intimately familiar with the internals of RTEMS. If you are interested in having a feature added that enhances RTEMS, OAR is the right company for the task.

Whether you need a third-party library ported to RTEMS, support added for another open standard, porting RTEMS to a new CPU architecture, or adding domain specific features, OAR has the experience and expertise to make it happen.

RTEMS is a mature product but the world of computing is always changing and growing. The RTEMS Project wants to have support for the most modern hardware, be compliant with the latest standards and have the critical features required by embedded developers. If RTEMS does not appear to support your current requirements, please let us assist you in determining a solution path that meets your needs. .

Cost: RTEMS Enhancements are done on either a time and materials or fixed basis. Please contact us for a custom quote.