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Quick Start

Every project has to start somewhere. Let OAR help you get your RTEMS project started so you hit the ground running at full speed. In the Quick Start program, an RTEMS expert can work with your engineers to setup a development environment, develop a BSP or application, or port third party software to RTEMS. Each customer's Quick Start requirements are unique but usually include performing some or all of the following activities:

  • Installing RTEMS Development Environment on your workstation
  • Developing a compile enabled shell of your BSP - From there, you can finish it on your own or we can work side-by-side to get the BSP working on your hardware
  • Convert customer's BSP from another RTOS to RTEMS
  • Point training on specific RTEMS details
  • Develop a compile enabled shell of application tasks
  • Address specific design concerns
  • Provide expert advice on RTEMS features to use in your application

During the Quick Start program, you will work with an RTEMS expert. At the end of a Quick Start program, you will have a solid foundation on which to base your RTEMS application development.

Cost: Due to the customer specific nature of this service, please contact us for a custom quote.