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RTEMS Training


OAR offers a variety of training options for RTEMS! Whether an introductory briefing, the full RTEMS course, or a tutorial for a specific Board Support Package (BSP), we have the RTEMS training package to meet your needs. All training sessions are set in a classroom environment, and can be presented virtually or in-person. The regular class is scheduled several times a year and is open to attendees from any company, project, or group. This newly formatted RTEMS Training Class now includes both the Kick Start and the Open Class.

For the upcoming training schedule, see the RTEMS Training Schedule page.

The primary instructor for all RTEMS training is Dr. Joel Sherrill, who is an expert in the RTEMS realm. Dr. Sherrill currently serves on the RTEMS Steering Committee, actively participates in many software development projects, maintains several RTEMS related services, and served as a member of the original team that designed and developed RTEMS.

A closed training can also be purchased for anyone needing a private setting. If necessary, this training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the group.

Types of classes offered, include:

Kick Start Session Overview
This is a one-day session focused on installation of the development environment on GNU/Linux and/or MS-Windows with the goal being the execution of RTEMS executables on simulators.

Open Class Session Overview
This is a four-day class which covers the a large amount of material ranging from theory to the practical details of application development, debug, tuning and BSP development.

Closed Class Session Overview
This is a private session that targets RTEMS training specific to the customer's needs.

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Pair Programming

Work side-by-side with RTEMS experts to rapidly develop a device driver, BSP, or application by signing up for our Pair Programming Support