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About OAR and RTEMS

In 1988, the US Army Missile Command wanted a real-time executive that was based on open standards and free of costly royalties. OAR Corporation was contracted to perform the initial research and development, and have been heavily involved in the project since the very beginning. By 1995, RTEMS had fully transitioned to the stewardship of OAR. By hosting all of the computing resources, infrastructure, and personnel necessary to maintain and distribute RTEMS, OAR has proven its commitment to the project with significant contributions. This includes but is certainly not limited to:

  • personnel for maintenance and releases
  • the server hardware used for http, ftp, mailling lists, and software repository
  • development machines
  • lab space including target hardware
  • RTEMS enhancements unlikely to come from the community
  • remote access support for key non-OAR RTEMS developers
  • system administration of all RTEMS computing resources

Today, OAR continues to provide RTEMS leadership and guidance by actively participating on the steering committee, extending the code base development, and maintaining the many RTEMS web services. Additionally, OAR offers RTEMS Engineering, Support, and Training solutions.

For further information, please inquire using the Contact Page.